email audits

7 Essential Email Audits for Every Email Marketer

Experienced marketing professionals know that proper maintenance and upkeep is key to any successful marketing program. However, with advice coming from all angles, it can be hard to keep track or focus on what’s important. That information overload is what inspired us to create our latest guide, where we cover the 7 essential email audits

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deliverability declassified

Deliverability Declassified

It can often feel as though deliverability is some secret language or code that’s difficult to crack. For professionals in email marketing, achieving great deliverability begins with a solid understanding of email best practices. In this guide, we’ve broken down the secrets behind achieving great deliverability into three clear sections. Think of this guide as

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On Prem Buyers Guide

The Buyer’s Guide to On-Premises MTAs

Sometimes a cloud based email solution just won’t fit the bill. Whether it’s regulatory, geographic or security constraints, there can be a real need for a tried and true On-Premises MTA to efficiently and reliably send email for your business. If that’s the case, there are still many options and features to consider when making

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Email Marketing Slip-ups

For many marketers driven by performance goals, it’s almost impossible to avoid focusing on campaign and program level metrics that are easily tracked in a dashboard. However, email’s impact on customer acquisition and retention often extends beyond what’s easily measured, which presents a challenge. When the spotlight shines on cut and dry metrics, we sometimes

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Email Measurement Explained

There’s no universal recipe for success when it comes to email measurement. Standards and benchmarks that work for one business or industry might not work for another. More than that, stats and data can be manipulated to say whatever you want them to say. So how do you determine what metrics are important, and at

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Marketing Trends and the Customer Experience

Customer engagement has always been a big challenge for many organizations, who are always looking for new ways to enrich customer experience, strengthen loyalty, and empower customer success. The spread of COVID has added to the challenges marketers already face, forcing many organizations to get creative on how to focus on their customer base. In

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2020 Transactional Benchmark Report

2020 Transactional Email Benchmark Report

Most savvy businesses know by now that email isn’t going anywhere. Not only is it not going anywhere, volumes continue to steadily increase as trendier marketing practices fizzle out, and stakeholders struggle to prove ROI of other channels. Consequently, as customer engagement and the importance of lifetime value continue to drive business decisions, it’s more

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email delivery platforms guide

The Buyer’s Guide to Email Delivery Platforms

The thing with email is that good enough just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sending mass quantities of email means even the slightest hiccup in delivery can cause huge problems with missing signups, botched confirmations and revenue dollars lost for businesses. So it’s simple – hire someone to do it for you, right? But what should

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The CTO’s Guide to Email Delivery Platforms

As a technology leader, you have things like reliability and cost of implementation at the front of your mind when seeking out technology vendors. But in addition to technical considerations, email introduces the concept of deliverability. It’s not only that you need to confirm emails have been physically sent and received, your business relies on

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