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The Buyer’s Guide to Email Delivery Platforms

The thing with email is that good enough just… isn’t, anymore. Sending mass quantities of email means even the slightest hiccup in delivery can cause huge problems with missing signups, botched confirmations and revenue dollars lost for businesses. So it’s simple – hire someone to do it for you, right? But what should you be

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The CMO’s Guide to Email Delivery Platforms

As a marketing leader, the customer experience is key to the success of your business. When considering the options for an email vendor, you not only want something that performs incredibly well, but also something that fits seamlessly and improves overall insight into that customer experience. This guide aims to simplify the selection process by

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The CTO’s Guide to Email Delivery Platforms

As a technology leader, you have things like reliability and cost of implementation at the front of your mind when seeking out technology vendors. But in addition to technical considerations, email introduces the concept of deliverability. It’s not only that you need to confirm emails have been physically sent and received, your business relies on

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2019 European eCommerce Trends

In Q1 of 2019, WBR Insights, SparkPost, PFS, and SheerID surveyed 100 Directors of Commerce from across Europe to find out more about the challenges they face and the innovative solutions they bring to the table. The survey was conducted by appointment over the telephone. The results were compiled and anonymised by WBR Insights and

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Email Strategies Worth Investing In

Email is the workhorse of financial services communications, but developing a sound email strategy that caters to different phases of the customer journey is often overlooked. Financial Services businesses need to be strategic about their communications and goals of those emails in order to engage and retain their customers in addition to marketing new products

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How SaaS Companies Use Email to Improve User Engagement

Have you ever purchased something and then scanned your inbox for the order confirmation email only to find it hasn’t arrived? Or how about when you try to reset a password and find yourself hitting the refresh button incessantly because the password reset email hasn’t arrived in nanoseconds as you expected it? These are just

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Transactional Email Benchmark Report 2018

Transactional Email Benchmark Report

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The New Rules of Email Deliverability

The New Rules of Email Deliverability in 2018

A field as complex as email deliverability doesn’t stand still. Some common practices of the past have become less effective or even outright counterproductive, while new ideas and approaches are creating opportunities for senders to rise above the noise. That’s why SparkPost’s team of email experts put together this guide to help you get up

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The Product Manager’s Guide to Email: How to Build a Successful, Growing App with Email Notifications, Alerts, Transactional Messages, and Other Product Emails

The Product Manager’s Guide to Email

For product development teams, the notifications and other emails their apps send are indispensable tools for driving user activity, building trust, and nurturing long-term engagement. Product emails have an outsized impact on key outcomes like conversion and retention. But it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. That’s why the email experts at SparkPost created

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