Transform How You Create Email

Taxi for Email is the email design and productivity collaboration platform that helps enterprise and agency teams get the most out of email. With Taxi for Email, senders can fully leverage the powerful capabilities within their ESPs including segmentation, personalization and dynamic content. Without Taxi, these capabilities often go unused.

Email design system in Taxi for Email

save time

Build Email
Campaigns Faster

Build email campaigns faster using a templated Email Design System (EDS) built for your brand. Collaborative more efficiently using Taxi’s integrated communication workflow.

improve collaboration

Streamline Your Email
Design And Approval

Coordinating the work of various roles including designers, translators and approvers can be a huge challenge when building email campaigns. This process currently involves significant back-and-forth using many different systems. Taxi for Email’s email design platform simplifies this process allowing team’s to scale and elevate their campaigns.

Email design system in Taxi for Email

Build Better emails

Get The Most Out
of Your ESP

You’re constantly looking to implement the latest marketing strategies, tactics and tools. Taxi allows for quick easy personalization, segmentation and more. It’s easy to export send-ready HTML code that’s ready to load into your sending platform.


Time Saved by marketing teams producing email campaigns

“Now, with Taxi, we can enable more marketers globally to help us build automations and speed up the process for everyone. In 3 months, we’ve knocked out 4 times the work by enabling the less technical teams to help on email production.”


Build Better emails

Email workflow tools that let you do more

Taxi’s workflow tools revolutionize your email process allowing your team to create better email, faster and at scale.
Elevate your email campaigns using:

  • Conversations
  • Feeds
  • Layouts
  • Email Design Systems
  • Custom Permissions

improve collaboration

Streamline Team Collaboration

Taxi for Email allows your team to collaborate seamlessly saving time and reducing frustration. Less time and frustration enhances your team’s morale, reduces your team’s burnout and allows them to be more strategic.

Email design system in Taxi for Email

How does Taxi help your team?

Enable Collaborative Workflows

Enable everyone to do their best work by assigning access and setting permissions for team members.

Shorten Time to Market for Email

By creating email campaigns quickly you can be more reactive to your market and competitors. 

QA Emails with Ease

Send test emails as you edit, and sync tools to preview in email apps and devices.

Easily Scale Complex Use Cases

Set up complex multiple-language and segmented email campaigns with a few clicks.

Maintain Brand Standards

Use an Email Design System to define formatting & layouts — to ensure campaigns stay on brand.

Make Emails for All Devices

Produce mobile ready, responsive email campaigns without touching complex HTML code.

Email Design Systems
Built by Experts

Our goal is to help you get the highest possible value out of Taxi for Email and your Email Design System, and we’ll work closely with you to make that happen. As our team creates your custom Email Design System, we’ll collaborate with you on how you can best optimize your email marketing resources across your organization.

Email design system in Taxi for Email