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Boost Your Email Marketing’s Revenue With Taxi

What if your Marketing Department could get weeks of production time back over your quarterly deployment cycle? How many more activities could your department engage in? How much more pipeline or sales could they generate?

Taxi for Email can reduce your campaign timeframe by up to 80%. What would normally take 2 weeks now takes 2 days, thanks to Taxi’s focus on workflow efficiency and ease. But the real value is seen in the results, and we have run the numbers.

Here’s just a few of the ways your organization can see the value Taxi for Email delivers:

  • Taxi for Email allows you to personalize, segment, test, nurture and re-engage — now you have the time!

    Earning: $67,500+ on average extra per month.
  • Taxi for Email delivers email optimization and scale without the added headcount.

    Savings: $54,000 to $119,000 on hiring one full-time equivalent.
  • Increase team morale with a system that allows your team members to get their arms around their workload. Avoid burnout and turnover.

    Quantitative difference: Highly engaged teams account for an average boost in income of 19.2%
  • Get more value from your agency and transition your contractors to focus on strategy & tactics for higher conversion.

    Savings: $131,000 by focusing your external resources on performance and empowering marketing teams to produce great campaigns.


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