jack wrigley kickbox io headshot

Jack Wrigley, VP Business Development, Kickbox.io

Jack Wrigley currently leads Business Development for Kickbox.io Email Verification where he identifies and develops relationships with strategic partners key to achieving high growth, value and revenue.  Jack’s startup experience is extensive having been a founder as well as held leadership roles in pioneering technology solutions in email, social commerce, IoT, and digital entertainment netting over $30M in early stage investment while delivering over $250M in sales.
dan levinson headshot

Dan Levinson, Technical Account Manager at SparkPost

With over 10 years of industry experience, Dan Levinson works as a Technical Account manager for SparkPost. Spending his days assisting customers with technical implementations, improving customer messaging programs and optimizing deliverability, Dan is well respected as an expert in both his position and field. Formerly at Message Bus, Dan has a long standing history of building excellent relationships, both with customers and industry professionals alike.
clea moore sparky awards judge

Clea Moore, Deliverability Manager, SparkPost

Clea is a Deliverability Manager at SparkPost. She is responsible for ensuring that our customers have the best deliverability in the industry, by staying in tune with the latest email trends, and providing proactive advice. She started her career in email at Return Path back in 2010, where she worked with marketers and ISPs to promote messaging best practices and improve the email ecosystem.

Dave Gray,
Principal Software Engineer of SparkPost

Dave is a Principal Software Engineer at SparkPost, where he currently assists the Growth team on initiatives to increase interaction and improve the overall customer experience.From large-scale web hosting and single-source publishing automation to digital messaging, Dave’s work has been focused on internet-enabled, data-oriented technologies. Dave enjoys building things, both tangible (furniture) and virtual (software), as well as testing the properties of water in various states (liquid, solid) using different types of skis.