SparkPost vs. SendGrid

Wondering which email delivery service is best?
When you compare them, it’s clear why
developers and enterprises choose SparkPost
over the competition.

For your website or application’s critical emails, rely on SparkPost over the competition such as SendGrid.

The Best Inbox Delivery

Third-party data proves that SparkPost’s 96% user inbox rate is higher than any other service.

99.99% Uptime Reliability

Deliver email rain or shine with reliability and performance backed by SLAs with teeth.

Expert Team In Your Corner

Our team of email pros delivers technical expertise and full-service support on a first-name basis.

The world’s largest brands trust SparkPost

The world’s most demanding email senders rely on SparkPost to
deliver billions of emails every single day. That’s nearly 40% of the
world’s business email.

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Industry-Leading Inbox Delivery

Email deliverability matters for driving user engagement. SparkPost customers see 96% of their email delivered on-time to user inboxes. That’s better than any other email delivery service. Our deliverability and anti-spam experts and integrated Adaptive Delivery technology ensure every sender has fewer bounces, blocks, and delays.

SparkPost Inbox Placement and Deliverability Advantage
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Guaranteed Reliability & Scalability

SparkPost delivers unmatched uptime and resilience, backed by SLAs with teeth. Our enterprise guarantees go deep, covering the SparkPost web app UI, data feeds, webhooks, and even business continuity. And only SparkPost can deliver guaranteed burst rates and low latency—no other provider can do it.

More Real-Time Data For Better User Engagement

Only SparkPost provides API access to query more than 35 email user engagement metrics. And our real-time data streams aren’t limited to a single webhook—SparkPost allows multiple webhooks to different endpoints unlike the competition.

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Expert Support On A First-Name Basis

Can you count on a revolving cast with limited time and attention? SparkPost’s Technical Account Managers (TAMs) deliver full-service support on a first-name basis. They’re dedicated resources for customers of SparkPost’s Premium and Enterprise add-on plans.

Email Delivery Built For Developers & Product Teams

It’s natural to wonder if SendGrid has become distracted pitching marketing tools. Helping developers and product teams build email into their applications is SparkPost’s only goal. We’re completely focused on building a high-performance email API that delivers a great experience for development teams.

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The Best Value In Email Delivery

From our free developer account to every level of paid service, SparkPost is a hands-down better value. SparkPost’s pricing is a better value at all volumes, with plans ranging from 50,000 per month to 5 million or more. And unlike SendGrid, none of our plans are time-limited trials.

Easy Migration From SendGrid

It’s easy to make the switch from SendGrid to SparkPost. Our SendGrid Migration Guide helps your development team make a quick transition and hit the ground running.

Sendgrid Migration
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SparkPost Is The Trusted Choice For Product Teams & Enterprise Senders

SparkPost offers industry-leading email deliverability, reliability, expert services, and developer support. Add it up, and it’s clear that SparkPost makes it easy to start fast, spend less, and deliver more.

Need An Alternative To SendGrid? Learn More About SparkPost.

Discover why thousands of successful developers and product teams trust SparkPost over
the competition to be their email sending partner of choice.

API Docs

SparkPost API Developer Docs

From endpoints and authentication to using Postman and cURL, everything you need to know about working with SparkPost API.

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