Enabling Service Providers’ Rapid Growth with Email

Today’s SaaS and related service providers are helping customers turn art into science by bringing analytics and automated marketing processes to bear in the cloud. The functionality that is winning clients for next-generation service providers leverages economies of scale derived from cloud-born technology, elasticity, and redundancy. With a dense field of competitors, the SaaS and service provider market is not only hot, but growing leaps and bounds.

But with that growth, service providers today also face significant challenges:

  • Hardware depreciation and replacement costs eat up budget and time.
  • Dedicated technical resources are required to run email infrastructure and respond to problems arising during the normal course of operation.
  • Deliverability staff are expensive and hard to hire given the relative scarcity of highly qualified individuals with proven experience.
  • On-premises hardware distracts from the job of running critical compliance checks on new business and moving prospects into production.
  • Scaling on-premises hardware is costly and requires maintaining idle capacity for seasonal volume and redundancy.
  • Burst capacity must be measured and procured to ensure timely delivery and unexpected growth.

SparkPost’s Solution for Service Providers

Cost Savings

  • Offload quickly depreciating hardware and convert capital expenditures (CAPEX) budget into more efficient operational spend (OPEX).
  • Save money locked into maintaining idle hardware for redundancy and seasonal capacity.
  • Improve growth planning and failover through elastic cloud architecture.
  • Redeploy technical resources to other critical infrastructure or client facing technical projects to drive differentiators and competitive advantage in the marketplace.


  • Expand deliverability capabilities by engaging a platform that maintains the industry’s highest inbox placement.
  • Leverage the power of adaptive delivery to optimize message delivery in flight and improve your customers’ sending reputations.
  • Engage a team of experts to manage and mitigate deliverability risk to enhance the depth of your deliverability expertise and headcount.


  • Built to today’s multi-channel standards, SparkPost can enable rich communication paradigms through native mobile push and SMS text messaging.
  • Employ logic to determine the right message for the right customer on the right channel.


  • Service providers benefit from granular data to help establish trust between various classes of customers.
  • Robust reporting helps service providers and their customers improve campaigns through real-time measurement and iterative improvements.
  • Create reporting frameworks by message stream, customer, brand through sub-accounts and 42 unique data points.
  • Easily integrate SparkPost analytics with your existing BI tools to achieve holistic and meaningful reporting that tracks your goals and improves your ability to stay relevant in a complex landscape.

Leading Service Providers Rely on SparkPost

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