The email creation process can often seem straightforward – maybe even beneath consideration – to your leadership folks who don’t actually build emails.The truth is, email creation can often be anything but quick or easy.And when factoring in all the moving parts, it can be a process that takes weeks of creativity, determination, and collaboration. Not to mention the technical know-how.

Let the SparkPost team show you how to lighten the load when it comes to producing branded emails quickly and easily – without a bunch of code work.This is NOT just about WYSIWIG editing. Sure, that’s important. But this is about implementing a more efficient and seamless approach to email production that dials collaborators into the process and allows more non-technical team members to produce beautiful, modern emails with ease.You deserve to escape the endless production/deployment loop!

Watch SparkPost’s Paris Fisher, Technical Success Team Manager, and Kieran Cavanagh, Taxi Technical Success Lead, as we discuss a better way to create email. You’ll see hands-on how to:

  • Empower your email team to scale & elevate your email program
  • Enable workflow management that accelerates your QA and compliance processes
  • Utilize an adaptable, intuitive EDS to build a QA-ready email in just 15 minutes