Master Email Deliverability Basics Today 

Email is one of the most widely used channels to build lasting relationships with customers. On average, it drives 18% of total business revenue. But, it’s getting harder to reach the inbox and the costs of poor email deliverability are profound.

In this phase of SparkPost Send it School, we’ll uncover the most common blackholes of email analytics & outline some deliverability basics. You will leave with practical knowledge to help you improve the performance and ROI of your campaigns. In this 60-minute course, we will cover:

  • Email deliverability basics and foundational knowledge
  • Email authentication best practices
  • Tips for building and protecting your sender reputation

Your Co-Pilots:

Tonya Gordon
Manager of Deliverability and Compliance Operations at SparkPost

Tonya is a deliverability basics extraordinaire. She has spent the last 20 years providing technical solutions and email strategies based on industry policy to help senders, email administrators, technologists, and others in the email industry.

She is an active member of the email community, and is a leader within the Deliverability Services team at SparkPost. Tonya has been responsible for managing a team that maintains shared and dedicated environments to ensure IP reputations stay positive while safeguarding the network. She now lends her knowledge to assist SparkPost’s top tier clients with their strategies to optimize email delivery, engagement and conversion rates.

Chris Adams
VP of Product Management at SparkPost

Chris Adams is an avid cyclist who also happens to be a passionate technologist and analytics expert. He has more than 10 years of hands-on experience in email analytics, helping organizations make the most of their email campaigns. On top of being a subject matter expert, Chris is also a charismatic presenter.