In this virtual Send It School class, SparkPost’s deliverability experts will provide the cheat codes you need to achieve rock solid email deliverability. (And no, you can’t actually cheat your way to better inboxing, but these tips really are the key to success!)

In this 60-minute course, you’ll learn pro tips for:

  • Optimizing opt-in and unsubscribe processes
  • Complying with various stringent legal requirements
  • Keeping your subscribers engaged
  • How to avoid spam traps
  • Keeping your email lists healthy

Email deliverability is one of the key areas of any email marketing operation, but it can be one that gets overlooked in favor of the more ‘creative’ aspects. Its importance can’t be overlooked, however, and it’s not just about emails landing in your subscriber’s inbox!

Email deliverability goes beyond emails landing in your subscriber’s inbox – although this is a big part of it! Your customers need to be respected and looked after from the point of opt-in (or when they choose to opt-out).

Join our experts to learn more about email deliverability and the importance it plays, not just in your email campaigns, but in your customer lifecycle.