GIFs give you the opportunity to bring your emails to life and provide a way to excite, engage and educate your readers through animation. And this is exactly why they work so well in email – because they create a space for you to tell a story to your subscribers where space is limited.

Whether you’re new to the GIF-in-email world, or you’re a GIF veteran looking for some inspiration – you’ve come to the right place. This ultimate guide will provide you with some beautiful examples of how you can use GIFs in email to serve different purposes. We hope you finish reading this inspired to start creating your own!

This ultimate guide covers:

  • What is a GIF?
  • Do GIFs work in email? And where?
  • Pros and cons of using GIFs in email
  • Considerations: lengths, frames and sizes
  • Deciding if you should use a GIF or not
  • Getting started: creating your own GIF