Transactional emails are vital to modern apps and services. These messages drive user engagement, conversion, and growth.

Learn from data-driven benchmarks and best practices that define the state of transactional email today.

What’s Inside

SparkPost surveyed more than 1,800 SaaS, e-commerce, and other software businesses to assess how they’re using transactional messages and other email notifications.

Eight key findings reveal that transactional email is essential—but many businesses struggle with implementation, governance, and deliverability. This data-driven report provides insight to:

  • The types of businesses that use transactional email
  • Transactional email sending patterns
  • Goals and objectives for transactional email
  • Roles and responsibilities for sending transactional email
  • Delivery and other technical challenges these senders face

SparkPost’s experts analyzed the results and deliver five core recommendations that will help every cloud app or service make the most of transactional email.

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