Email professionals like you need robust competitive intelligence.

Your colleagues who manage other areas of the business likely use competitive intel, so why wouldn’t you use it for your email programs?

Imagine if you had comprehensive visibility into the commercial emails your top competitors and favorite peers are sending – including their subject lines, creative, audience/send sizes, inbox and read rate performance, and even how much of your list overlaps with theirs. This information is actionable across a wide range of applications – like audience acquisition, message targeting and personalization, send times, contact frequency, journey planning, and audience profiling. Successfully applied, competitive data can lead to strong lifts in email revenue, from improvements to inboxing, open, click and conversion rates, and order value.

SparkPost helps some of the most sophisticated enterprise senders in the world to successfully leverage competitive intelligence in their email programs. Enjoy this guide to learn about the importance of competitive intel in email and how you can best use it to gain an advantage for your brand, too.