Driving positive user experiences is paramount for SaaS product teams and app developers in 2018. Email—onboarding messages, notifications, password resets, and more—are critical to the customer lifecycle.

But too many teams have a difficult time delivering these messages to their users’ inboxes. Missing and delayed emails result in a poor customer experience and even customer churn.

To help address this challenge, the independent experts at The Relevancy Group have analyzed the results of their recent Executive Survey and deliver key recommendations to product management and app teams.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Why email delivery is a complex process affected by technologies, expertise, and practices.
  • What the Relevancy Group’s data says about email deliverability and adoption of best practices today.
  • 8 key practices that product and development teams should implement to ensure reliable email delivery.

If you’re a product manager or app engineering leader, email is mission-critical to your product. Learn how to ensure your product’s emails deliver a great user experience that supports your product’s growth. Download the “Keys to Email Delivery for App Developers & Product Managers” by the Relevancy Group today!