Here’s what the independent technology market research firm Gartner says about email marketing: it’s one of the most efficient, effective, and measurable ways to connect with customers, making it a priority for multichannel marketers. But the shift in email marketing towards real-time, triggered interactions is turning the marketplace upside down.

What do email marketers like you need to know when considering a technology solution? Read this informative market guide from Gartner to learn:

  • Why enterprise-grade email marketing infrastructure is a must-have for organizations where email is critical to the bottom line.
  • How consumer expectations for mobile experiences, real-time interactions, and personalized content are changing the ways email marketers use technology.
  • How leading email marketing providers compare—and which are the right fit for different types and sizes of marketing organizations.
  • How email marketers should evaluate features, such as deployment model, scalability, real-time triggered capabilities, deliverability, and cost to create a short list of vendor options.
  • When to consolidate email or multichannel programs on a single solution—and when to move to a new platform altogether.

The market for email marketing tools is changing quickly. Get ahead of the curve and read this valuable Gartner guide today. Then see how SparkPost can help you solve today’s email marketing challenges.