Email in 2022 rules.

Email in 2022 continues to get recognition as the workhorse of marketing and proves that – after fifty years – it still has it. In this year’s report, you’ll learn:

  • The trends and topics that we believe will be top of mind for email professionals in 2022
  • How email and marketing professionals have adjusted two years into the pandemic
  • What digital marketing strategies industry leaders are leaning on to accelerate growth and connect with key audiences
  • Email benchmark metrics and how they’ve shifted over the last year

We sifted through mountains of data that was based on the largest data network of any email solutions provider, not just in terms of overall data points, but in the depth and diversity of the sources we pull from. We also surveyed over 2,000 marketers and email practitioners globally to gain insight from the people who own email at their respective organizations.

So curl up, dive in, and geek out with us over how email marketing has evolved, and enjoy our recommendations on fortifying your email strategy moving forward. In fact, join this expert panel live on Feb. 1 to discuss all our findings!