Email design is far more than what you see when you open an email. The visual aspects are a large part of it, but it’s also the strategy that goes into creating your emails before you build them and the brand personality you adopt. This is what resonates with your subscriber at every touchpoint. And email design, needs to be a continuation of your brands identity on all forms of media, advertising and branding. It is what ultimately leads the way in how your brand communications and should be consistent everywhere.

In the first part of our new email design series, we look at the messaging and branding side of email. When the series is finished, you’ll be left with a four-part design guide that will give you everything you need to become an expert in email design.

This ultimate guide covers:

  • Why messaging should be the starting point to underpin the design
  • The three parts of email design
  • Branding and consistency
  • Getting started with your brand guidelines
  • Dark mode and accessibility
  • Branding considerations
  • Design inspiration