At too many businesses, customer messaging processes and systems are disconnected. Enterprises rely on one system to manage inbound and outbound email marketing, and entirely different systems for service-related messages and transactional messages. Or marketing email is outsourced to an email services provider (ESP) and everything else is handled in-house. This disjointed approach means choppy experiences for customers—and unpredictable costs that belie every business objective. The pain businesses feel from this status quo is real, and the days of “good enough to get by” are long past. Fortunately, there’s a better way that improves customer experience and yields measurable bottom-line benefits. This leaves many senders looking for a simple “Dollars & Sense Guide to Email” to alleviate the problem.

In this report by trusted email industry analyst David Daniels, you’ll learn all about the real, bottom-line savings businesses can realize today from consolidating their messaging infrastructure. If you’re a CTO or IT professional responsible for making or contributing to infrastructure purchasing decisions, you’ll definitely want to read “The Dollars & Sense Guide to Email”. It clearly sets out the business case principles and hard-number arguments you’ll need to make sound messaging technology investments. Learn how you can:

  • Recognize significant business value by utilizing a single message management platform to support all types of digital messaging—email, text and more.
  • Save 75% or more over disjointed, older-generation solutions.
  • Reduce costs by almost 83% by leveraging common labor and other resources.

Improved email performance is all about dollars and sense. The question that business executives and marketers need to ask is, “How much is deliverability worth to my business?”

Don’t leave that money on the table.

Download our executive brief, “The Dollars & Sense Guide to Email” to learn how to improve your bottom line with your messaging platform.