Email delivery is an outcome easy to take for granted, but the objective industry experts at Return Path have measured that 17% of all sent email is rejected by receiving systems or lands in the spam folder—in other words, more than one in six emails never arrives in the inbox!

That’s an astonishing failure, when you consider the real-world impact of undelivered messages—missing revenue, decreased customer engagement, and operational inefficiencies. Ignoring message deliverability quite literally means leaving money on the table.

Using independent, third-party data, we analyzed deliverability performance across the industry. In “The Big Rewards of Email Deliverability”, you will read about:

  • Deliverability across providers based on 70 million records
  • Cloud infrastructure providers ranked by their deliverability according to third party data
  • A short history of email deliverability
  • How to quantify the bottom-line impact of undelivered email

At SparkPost, we routinely see happy customers enjoying a significant lift in their deliverability by up to 10%—it’s clear that the difference in performance between SparkPost and also-ran cloud service providers yields hard, bottom-line benefits.

What is deliverability worth to your business? A lot. There are big rewards in improved email deliverability.

Download our executive brief, “The Big Rewards of Email Deliverability” to learn more about driving revenue impact with your messaging platform.