Trying to crack the code of perfect email deliverability?

There’s no magic wand for email deliverability. The sender’s role is a crucial one that begins with respecting the needs of your customers. But even the best sender can use a guide to the ever-evolving email environment and help understanding what you can—and can’t see—from the sending side.

Join SparkPost’s VP of Deliverability, Kate Nowrouzi, and 250ok’s founder and CEO, Greg Kraios, as they discuss the importance of having a solid understanding of your role as an email marketer and how to bridge the gap between email senders and ISP mailbox providers.

This frank discussion will leave you with key takeaways that:

  • Dispel common bad practices sometimes used by email marketers
  • Boost ROI by using the best path of deliverability and engagement
  • Bridge the gap between mailbox providers, marketers, and email service providers

This partnership can be improved with tools that provide visibility and make sense of the pieces of the email ecosystem that you don’t see. Together, when you combine all the data points, they represent a story, and it’s a sender’s responsibility to be sure they know what it means.

Presented by:

  • Kate Nowrouzi, VP Deliverability, SparkPost
  • Greg Kraios, CEO and Founder, 250ok

Don’t miss this critical information that will help you understand what it takes to achieve great email deliverability. Watch the webinar now!