Overcoming Email Deliverability Hurdles

The current pandemic has changed daily operations for nearly all of us. During this time, communication with your customers and subscribers will be vital for retention and acquisition. As businesses shift to a completely digital marketing strategy, more emails will be sent than ever before and customers inboxes will become increasingly flooded.

This spike in email volume can cause deliverability issues, which means that your messages may not be landing in the inbox. And these disruptions to your sending can have major consequences for your email strategy. Because at scale, even slight hiccups in your email program can lead to significant customer churn and lost revenue.

Join Kimberly Paxton, Head of Deliverability from Blueshift, and April Mullen, Director of Strategic Insights from SparkPost, to understand the core elements of strong deliverability and how to combine deliverability analytics with email delivery best practices to drive engagement and growth.

About the Panelists:

April Mullen
Director of Strategic Insights, SparkPost

Currently the Director of Strategic Insights at SparkPost, April has over 13 years experience working in email for brands, agencies and in martech. Outside of SparkPost, Mullen has been an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at the University of Missouri-St. Louis since 2013. In June of 2016, Mullen co-founded Women of Email, an organization with over 4,000 members on six continents that is aimed at driving positive change for women in the email marketing niche.

Kimberly Paxton
Head of Deliverability Strategy, Blueshift

Kim Paxton is Blueshift’s Head of Deliverability Strategy. She is a seasoned deliverability pro, working with customers at Oracle and Zeta Global, to name a few. She has helped countless marketers establish rock solid sending reputations across a myriad of sectors, which has served her well aiding Blueshift marketers in reaching the inbox at a higher rate than ever before.

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