This year, you can expect to see more interactive and personalized emails in your inbox. Marketers are opting to use interactive emails with bite-sized information to entice users to “shop now” or “learn more”—all directly in the inbox without having to visit an app or website. Is this design evolution optimal or does it pose risks? With Google’s announcement of AMP for Email, what does this mean for interactivity in email?

Join us as we partner with Litmus to talk about the trends and insights of interactive email and AMP for Email, and what this means for email marketers who are embracing these techniques to maximize ROI.

In this webinar, our expert panelists discuss:

  • The opportunities and challenges of interactive email and AMP for Email
  • Examples and best practices of interactivity in email
  • The scope of what Gmail is doing with AMP and what beta customers have to say

Presented By:

  • Chad White, Research Director, Litmus
  • Isaac Kim, Technical Product Manager, SparkPost