Dark Mode has become a necessary addition to the email marketer’s and designer’s toolkit. User experience is key, but creating emails for dark mode can pose both design and technical concerns.

Join Elliot Ross, SparkPost Email Ambassador and Ben Tweedy, Email Design System Developer at Sparkpost, as they help you better understand what goes into designing for dark mode and answer any questions you might have on the topic. We’ll be covering:

  • An overview of dark mode and how to avoid common pitfalls within your current implementation
  • Tips, tricks and insight you can use to start designing for dark mode today
  • Optimizing your approach for best results

Designing email that meets the needs and preferences of your recipients is key in delivering an experience they will want to actually engage with and table stakes for netting the best results from your campaigns.

There is a lot to consider when implementing and designing for dark mode. Both technical and design elements need to be kept in mind to hit the mark. Join our experts to learn more about how best to use dark mode to design emails your recipients will enjoy interacting with.