Creating emails is hard. Creating emails in multiple languages to execute more focused, localized marketing is really hard. Localization is critical for global companies, though. 85% of Internet users don’t make purchasing decisions unless they can access information in their native language, so relying on English for all your messaging may be holding you back.

Even large enterprises with decently staffed teams struggle to work with resources across time zones, doing translations, QAing multiple formats, changing imagery to resonate culturally, managing multiple approvers across regions, etc. The reality is that the work effort of localization has a multiplier effect on teams that are already pushed to the brink because email works and companies are always trying to get more from it. There is a way to manage multi-language localization with email that won’t break email teams, though.

Watch Elliot Ross, Email Evangelist at SparkPost, on-demand as he provides practical tips and real‑world examples to help you:

  • Scale up your current work so that making multiple language emails is a possibility
  • Organize your team so that marketing works locally but is consistent globally
  • Get a heads up on common issues that come with moving to a multi-language, localized approach