The tools and data available to email marketers today is amazing. But none of it will help if you approach campaign planning like it’s still 2012… or 2009… or before. Email marketing best practices and compliance rules are changing fast! Those that get it are winning in big ways.

Modern approaches to email marketing are revolutionizing ROI. In “8 Essentials of Effective Emails” you get it all—including the checklist every email marketer needs before planning another campaign. Walk away with insight into:

  • Crafting emails your customers really want
  • Dos and double-checks before you press send
  • Injecting life and lift into your campaign with data-driven tactics
  • Breaking ahead—and staying ahead—of the email marketing curve

Join digital marketing experts Jessica Best from emfluence and Len Shneyder from SparkPost and learn about essentials in email marketing. They’ll discuss responsive design, subject lines do’s and don’ts, personalization, and email deliverability.


  • Jessica Best, Digital Marketing Evangelist, emfluence
  • Len Shneyder, Director of Industry Relations, SparkPost

Don’t wait—this checklist of 8 essential email marketing tips is too important to miss. Watch this free webinar today!