Subscribe to This

with Yanna-Torry Aspraki, Founder of Pleased to Mail you

Welcome back to another episode of Subscribe to This! 

In this episode, April chats with email marketing expert, Founder of Pleased to Mail you, and polyglot, Yanna-Torry Aspraki. April begins the interview by asking Yanna-Torry just how many languages she speaks (spoiler: it’s a lot)! From there, the two dive into how Yanna-Torry got started in the world of email. Yanna-Torry says that when she started at Cakemail she was lucky enough to be seated next to the Director of Deliverability. She says that were it not for that seating arrangement she likely would not have had a career in Deliverability. More than that, at Cakemail she was able to wear multiple hats and leverage both her technical and creative problem solving skills which gave her a deep appreciation for email. 

Yanna-Torry talks about how being part of the email world can feel like a “secret association.” Since email is not taught in school, those who join the world of deliverability are often scrappy and self-taught. She had to rely on the email community to teach her and answer her questions. Now, Yanna-Torry is moving away from the tactical side of email and is working more directly on thought leadership within the space. She loves talking about email and getting others excited about the topic as well. 

Something that Yanna-Torry is particularly excited about is BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification), a new form of authentication that puts brands’ logos directly inside of subscribers’ Gmail inboxes. April and Yanna-Torry chat about the importance of authentication and why BIMI in particular is a form of email authentication that is interesting to marketers. April believes that BIMI will push organizations that have not previously prioritized authentication to adopt SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, something that is no easy feat. 

This leads to April’s next question: what makes email so hard? To hear Yanna-Torry’s answer to this and much much, more be sure to watch this episode of Subscribe to This!