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with Kate Barrett, Owner & Director of eFocus Marketing

In this episode of Subscribe to This, April chats with Owner and Director of eFocus Marketing, Kate Barrett. With over 13 years of experience, and a published book on email marketing to boot, Kate is no doubt one of the most interesting people working in email today!

During the interview Kate speaks to the changes she’s seen in marketing during COVID-19. Kate says that during these unprecedented times she’s observed a shift in customer loyalties which has impacted how brands communicate with their customer bases. Kate believes that customer communications during this time should focus on nurturing those who are familiar with your brand and educating those who are new to your brand. She says that many people have recently been introduced to brands they would otherwise have little use for as a result of altered shopping patterns due to COVID-19. She says: ”If we don’t work on our foundation strategy now, we’re not going to be able to build loyalty with those new people that have come in and keep driving them through to repeat purchase.“

In regards to customer loyalty during COVID-19 Kate gives the example of small local supermarkets. She says “If you can’t get a delivery slot with [the supermarket that you’re loyal to], you go to another supermarket now.” These uncertain times call for a new focus on customer experience and retention to ensure that once the dust has settled smaller established businesses still have a loyal customer base.

After the deep dive into customer communication during COVID-19, April asks Kate about the following topics:

  • How Kate got her start in the industry
  • Which clients are Kate’s favorite to work with
  • Which companies’ email strategies Kate finds most successful

To hear Kate talk about email marketing strategies during COVID-19 and share other insights about customer communications watch this episode of Subscribe to This now!