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with Jen Capstraw, President & Co-Founder of Women of Email

April Mullen, kicks off her interview series, Subscribe to This, with a casual conversation with President and Co-Founder of Women of Email, Jen Capstraw. With 20+ years of experience, Jen is a recognized thought leader in the email space, lover of data-driven findings, and champion of women in technology.

In addition to being SparkPost’s Director of Strategic Insights, April is also a Co-Founder of Women of Email alongside Jen Capstraw. The two begin the episode by discussing the origins of their women-centric organization. Jen says that within 24 hours of starting Women of Email, the  Facebook group they created had over 100 members indicating a true need for a formalized community for women in the email industry. Today, Women of Email has over 4400 official members and over 6000 professionals in the accompanying Facebook group! April also mentions that in the future, she would like Women of Email to focus on elevating intersectional identities that are particularly underrepresented in the email industry. Both Jen and April agree that the mission and impact of Women of Email will continue to evolve in an ever changing world.

From there, April and Jen discuss the positive improvements towards gender parity in the email industry as well as opportunities in the space. Jen says that while she’s seen greater female representation at conferences and industry events recently, there are still not many women in senior and C-suite positions in the email industry. While there are no doubt some major cultural and systemic shifts that need to change in order to make room for more women at the top, Jen believes that in the meantime women need to invest in themselves to get ahead. She says “Your employer should be investing in you, but if they’re not, who is going to do that?” Jen offers a few answers to this question– advice that is certainly not just for a female audience.

The conversation then shifts away from Women of Email, and into a discussion on exciting and emerging developments in the world of email, namely AMP for Email. Jen gives her candid yet descriptive take on the importance of AMP for Email. Jen is particularly excited that AMP for Email will allow for standardization of email across platforms, something that has not yet been achieved within the email ecosystem.

Take a break from your work to hear April and Jen chat about Women of Email, AMP for Email and much much more and don’t forget to Subscribe to This!