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with Genna Matson, Senior Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engineer at DEG Digital

Welcome back to another episode of Subscribe to This! In this episode, April Mullen, Director of Brand and Content Marketing sits down with Genna Matson, Senior Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engineer at DEG Digital. Unlike April’s previous guests, Genna works almost exclusively on the more technical aspects of email. But, that doesn’t mean that Genna doesn’t play well with Marketers. In fact, much of her work focuses on bridging the gap between engineering and marketing– something that most would agree is no easy feat!

The two begin by chatting about Genna’s upcoming move to Colorado and from there the conversation takes off! April asks Genna about her email “origin story”. Did she find email or did email find her? Much like many others, Genna falls into the latter category but nonetheless has stayed in the industry for years.

April also asks Genna about her organization, HowtoSFMC, an amazing resource for Salesforce Marketing Cloud practitioners created by people in the field. Genna explains how the idea for HowtoSFMC came about and how it all started. With such a deep breadth of knowledge about Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it’s no surprise that Genna helped to create such a powerful and comprehensive resource for understanding the software.

April also asks Genna what it’s like to work with Marketers all day as an Engineer. Because Genna’s role is so dynamic within the email field she has the unique experience of collaborating with Marketers while still working on technical projects. And, while those around her may be working remotely for the first time due to COVID-19, Genna has been a remote employee for a long time. April asks how working remotely has impacted Genna’s ability to really bridge the gap between engineering and marketing.

Over the course of April and Genna’s discussion, the two uncover many insights about the email industry and share many laughs. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Genna Matson’s unique perspective about the email industry and of course don’t forget to subscribe to this!