A pioneer in the concept of online cash-back shopping has grown into a major consumer e-commerce platform. Email is an essential driver of revenue for the business, and the timing and content of offers are determined by real-time changes in user behavior and business metrics.

The company needed a messaging platform that would provide unrivaled deliverability. But crucially for its business model, the site also required a solution that could integrate with their data-driven business systems to generate and send personalized marketing offers on demand—and, in return, to feed response and engagement data in real-time to the company’s data warehouse.

The company selected SparkPost, citing its superb delivery to the inbox, ability to report data on message performance and user response in real-time, and experience at providing expertise and service to high volume senders. Just as importantly, SparkPost’s flexibility fits the way the business works. As the company’s email marketing manager noted, “We don’t need marketing services. We don’t look at SparkPost as a traditional ESP—SparkPost’s API-driven message generation and reporting opens up a world of flexibility to us.”