At nimble fast fashion retailers like Tobi, marketplace enablers like Ebates, PayPal, and Etsy, and industry game-changers like Pinterest, the old approach to email marketing has been replaced with real-time customer engagement, true one-to-one personalization, and real-time feedback and analytics. In “Email for Today’s Retail Customer Experience” you’ll see how:

  • Pinterest uses SparkPost to update email content in real time and to end batch campaigns altogether. They deliver the right message in the right channel—all based on individual behaviors and preferences.
  • Ebates connects data about email interactions to e-commerce shopping sessions in real-time and analyzes performance to make sure that the content, offer, and frequency of the message stream are optimized for maximum revenue.
  • Tobi implemented SparkPost as a complete replacement to their legacy ESP in just 11 days. Our team’s deep domain expertise and proven implementation processes greatly reduced the risk of change.
  • Etsy relies on SparkPost’s global deliverability services and industry relations to connect 23 million buyers and sellers in nearly every country of the world.

These retail innovators have built upon SparkPost’s email delivery and analytics service to reduce overhead and delay in customer interactions. They rely on it for one-to-one personalization and message generation in real-time, on demand. And they use SparkPost’s real-time analytics to enable an entirely new level of responsiveness and customer engagement that rede nes the role of email in the retail consumer experience.

Download this case study today to learn more about how these four retail innovators are transforming the experience of email marketing.