Before using SparkPost product Taxi for Email, it used to take the EF English Live team four days to build an email campaign across 30 different variations. Now it takes them just four hours. How did they do this? The team at EF English Live shared how SparkPost’s Taxi for Email solution helped their team re-think their workflow so they could scale up email production but keep production times low.

Find out how Taxi for Email helped EF English Live:

  • Cut down email production time from days to hours
  • Implement the right structure and automations in their account so they can seamlessly build email in 30+ languages.
  • Free up 80% of marketers time to focus on optimizing email.
  • Moved away from building email in their ESP by building a flexible, easy to use Email Design System which they can easily export to their sending platform
  • All without touching any code so they can be confident every email renders the way they want.