SparkPost Provides Email Delivery Service for Pinterest

Pinterest Leveraging the SparkPost Cloud Platform for Email Personalization and Increased Pinner Engagement

SparkPost, the highest-performing cloud email service on the market, today announced that Pinterest, the catalog of ideas, has integrated with SparkPost Elite as its new email delivery service.

Pinterest has consolidated the sending of both engagement and transactional emails onto the SparkPost Elite platform, taking advantage of its proven high inbox delivery rates and dedicated enterprise class service.

After researching the cloud email services on the market today, Pinterest selected SparkPost Elite, citing its excellent global ISP relations, ability to stream real-time event data via webhooks for use in personalization and sending, as well as SparkPost’s experience at providing white-glove service.

“SparkPost Elite provides us with the enterprise-class service we require,” said Cole Rottweiler at Pinterest who led the evaluation. “We use A/B testing and SparkPost’s streaming webhooks email metrics data to dynamically adjust our content and how we send emails based on live feedback. This improves engagement and lets us monitor the health of our email channel in real-time.”

“Pinterest shares our vision for reducing the volumes of unwanted and unnecessary email in the world and making each email more relevant to the recipient,” said SparkPost CEO Phillip Merrick. “SparkPost Elite, our best-in-breed flagship solution, was designed for just such an API driven, real-time, dynamically generated email environment, making this partnership a win-win for all involved.”

SparkPost is the world’s most advanced email delivery service. It is available in several editions to meet the diverse email needs of companies of any size — from pay-as-you-go, self-service email delivery to high-volume, one-to-one data-driven email programs that drive engagement and boost revenue. In addition, SparkPost is the only cloud-based email service that provides full visibility and insight into the sending and delivery of emails, as well as detailed analytics to help companies improve inbox delivery success rates.

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