SparkPost Introduces HEML Email Development Framework

Open Source Markup Language Enables Users to Craft Clean, Responsive Emails

SparkPost, the most performant cloud email delivery service available, today announced the first release of HEML, an open source, easy-to-use email development tool that enables users to code responsive emails in a way that significantly reduces development time and ensures consistency. HEML is the latest in a collection of standalone platform agnostic developer tools available for free to the email community at large (separate from SparkPost).

SparkPost recognized a need in the marketplace for a way to make email more accessible for developers. HEML addresses this need by allowing developers to jump in quickly and build responsive emails without knowing the individual quirks of all individual email inboxes. HEML looks and feels like HTML and uses CSS for styling. It encourages progressive enhancements and enables users to take advantage of all the power of HTML and CSS.

HEML aligns with SparkPost’s mission of helping developers send email, but solves a different, tangential pain point in email development – writing responsive HTML emails. Each element in HEML renders into email-ready HTML so users can send without worry. HEML also works to iron out CSS bugs and limitations of different email clients.

“With the release of HEML, SparkPost is seeking to give back to the email community,” said Avi Goldman, Developer Advocate at SparkPost. “As developers ourselves, we’ve seen first hand the challenges faced by developers as they begin working with email and we knew we could help. Anyone can use the code in whatever way they want. We’re trying to support our customers with email in any way we can and this is just a new way we can add to that support.”

HEML will be available for use in several ways. First, it will be easily accessible on the SparkPost Email Tools page. As an open source tool, HEML is available to all members of the email community. The code will be published under the MIT license on Github where users can contribute to the project and download it directly. It will also be available for installation through NPM, the node package manager. In addition, there will be an online editor available at

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