SparkPost Announces Partnership with 250ok for Improved Visibility into Sender Reputation, Delivery, and Brand Protection

250ok’s Email Intelligence Now Bundled as Part of the SparkPost Elite Offering

SparkPost, the highest-performing cloud email service available, today announced a partnership with 250ok, a leading provider of deliverability services, to provide its SparkPost Elite customers with additional tools to improve their transactional and marketing email efforts. The resulting enhanced services allow customers to make better business decisions through additional insight into day-to-day inbox placement performance, customer engagement and brand reputation all without licensing additional third- party products.

Email marketing has suffered over the last decade from spammers and phishing, to the extent that legitimate email senders find it increasingly challenging to reach inboxes. Malicious actors compromise hard-won branding in an attempt to steal personal data through false links and information, and businesses are frequently left guessing when it comes to email best practices. Since its introduction, SparkPost has quickly developed a reputation as a leading end-to-end email service providing advanced tools to develop, execute, and evaluate email delivery.

250ok’s intuitive technology bundled with SparkPost Elite provides customers with highly specific, domain-based metrics and seedlist testing that delivers a holistic view of their ability to reach customers’ inboxes. It also offers threat data and DMARC reporting capabilities, enabling customers to identify malicious use of their domains and quickly remediate problems to preserve their brand’s reputation. Through 250ok’s design tools, users are also able to test email templates before their use in live campaigns for improved deliverability and consistency across platforms, devices, and mailbox providers, resulting in an optimized user experience.

“The 250ok partnership brings cutting edge tools and insight necessary for every marketer’s success in today’s complex marketplace,” said Karen Tracy, director of business development at SparkPost. “The ISP landscape is fractured and multi-faceted; complicating matters are the many platforms and devices consumers are using to read and react to their email. 250ok’s bundle with SparkPost Elite will enable our customers to measure their performance, triage problems, better protect their brand through robust email threat analysis and optimize their user’s inbox experiences with rendering tools – all without having to purchase point products or services from outside vendors.”

“We specialize in providing actionable intelligence in transactional and marketing emails, so the partnership with a leading email provider like SparkPost ensures our insights will move the needle,” said 250ok CEO Greg Kraios. “As email marketing becomes increasingly complex in the face of ISP evolution, successful transactional email is often a moving target requiring significant attention to maintain. This partnership combines the best of inbox intelligence, analytical tools, reputation management and SparkPost’s leading email delivery platform to provide a world-class experience for marketers who rely on email to drive revenue.”

250ok is now bundled as part of the SparkPost Elite service offering.

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250ok is the preferred choice for email analytics by forward-thinking brands and ESPs. Trusted by some of the world’s largest senders, we cut through big data noise and provide actionable, real-time email intelligence. Fortune 100 companies to small businesses use 250ok to monitor deliverability, sender reputation, and customer engagement.  Follow @250ok on Twitter or visit


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