SMPP Logging

March 26, 2020 Contributors

The SMPP Logger records SMPP events in a compact format. Log records are useful for report generation and problem analysis. Configuration options in “smpp_logger Module Configuration” determine which events are recorded. Mobile Momentum records the following event types in the SMPP log:

Log Event Configuration Parameter Description
Receptions log_reception SMS messages successfully received from the SMSC
Deliveries log_delivery SMS messages successfully delivered to the SMSC
Status log_status Status, as indicated in delivery receipts, of previously sent SMS messages
Temporary Failures log_tempfail Failure while sending an SMS message, but eligible for retry
Permanent Failures log_permfail Failure while sending an SMS message, not eligible for retry

Logging of each event type may be enabled or disabled by setting the corresponding configuration parameter to either ‘true’ or ‘false’. An additional configuration parameter for each event type specifies the format and content of log entries. These parameters are named with the suffix _format added to each of the event type parameters; for example, log_reception_format specifies the format and content of SMS reception log entries when log_reception = true. The “Log Format Macros” section describes the options associated with the content/format configuration parameters.