MM7 MT Submit Response Hook

March 26, 2020 Contributors


The MM7 MT Submit Response Hook is invoked following the parsing of an MM7 response to an MM7 MT message and before regular processing of the response. It enables inspection of message submission response status for the purposes of initiating requeue/retry of failed message submissions and other business logic if required. This hook has ec_message as input and therefore has full access to the context variables such as MM7_Response_Message_ID. The following context variables are assigned or modified by this hook in order to affect subsequent processes:

Context Key Name "#define" name Description
MM7_Response_Status VCTX_KEY_MM7_RESPONSE_STATUS value of MM7 in the response
MM7_Response_Status_Detail VCTX_KEY_MM7_RESPONSE_STATUS_DETAIL value of MM7 status
in the response.The significance of this value is for logging only
MM7_Response_Message_ID VCTX_KEY_MM7_RESPONSE_MESSAGE_ID the remote MM7 in the response.It will be logged and used to identify the linked request (e.g. DeliveryReport from remote MMSC)