Modules Summary

March 26, 2020

All modules are listed alphabetically with a brief description. Singleton modules are also identified. The Version column indicates when the module was introduced into the system. Note: all modules listed as 4.0 modules were actually introduced in prior versions of Momentum. The Auto column indicates whether a module is loaded automatically as required. The Type column indicates the MTA type of a given option. Options of type na do not directly apply to either a sending or receiving MTA. The Cluster column indicates whether a module is cluster-specific. The Valid column indicates whether a module is a validation module.

Name Version Description Auto Cluster Valid See Also
“ac_auth – Authentication Handler” 4.2 Enable a Lua module to hook into the authentication mechanism
“adaptive – Adaptive Delivery” (singleton) 4.0 Dynamically tune delivery options
“alerting – Send Alerting Emails” (singleton) 4.0 Enable Lua policy scripts and alerts “scriptlet – Lua Policy Scripts”
“alias – Alias Expansion” 4.0 Rewrite recipient addresses “ds_core – Datasource Query Core”
“antivirus – Antivirus” 4.0 The antivirus framework “clamav – ClamAV”, “csapi – Symantec CSAPI Antivirus Support”
apn (singleton) 4.0 Use this module to configure the Apple Push Notification service
apn_logger 4.0 Use this module to log Apple Push notifications
“as_logger – Audit Series Logger” (singleton) 4.0 Replicate audit series to disk
“auth_ds – Datasource based SMTP Authentication” (singleton) 4.0 Use a data source to authenticate an SMTP session “ds_core – Datasource Query Core”
“auth_radius – RADIUS based SMTP Authentication” (singleton) 4.0 Authenticate SMTP sessions via SMTP AUTH using RADIUS servers
“beik – Symantec Brightmail™ Engine Integration Kit” (singleton) 4.0 This module provides an in-process version of the brightmail module “brightmail – Symantec Brightmail™ Content Scanning Support”
“bind_address_secondary – Dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 Support” 4.2 This module allows a binding to attach itself to an ipv6 address
“bounce_classifier_override – Override/Augment Bounce Classifications” (singleton) 4.0 Override the built-in bounce classification
“bounce_logger – Momentum-Style Bounce Logging” 4.0 Log bounced messages
“brightmail – Symantec Brightmail™ Content Scanning Support” 4.0 Check inbound mail against a Brightmail server
bzip2io (singleton) 4.0 bzip compression algorithm “compress_spool – Dynamic Spool Compression”
“chunk_logger Module” 4.2 Provide an interface for logging asynchronously from Lua, C, and C++
“cidrdb – CIDRDB” (singleton) 4.0 Expose scripting functions for checking IP addresses
“clamav – ClamAV” 4.0 Support for Clam AV “antivirus – Antivirus”
“cloudmark – Cloudmark Authority® Content Scanning” (singleton) 4.0 Support for the Cloudmark spam technology
“cluster – Cluster” (singleton) 4.0 Cluster configuration module Cluster-specific Configuration
“commtouch_ctasd – Commtouch Spam Protection” 4.0 Spam protection technology
“compress_spool – Dynamic Spool Compression” (singleton) 4.0 Compress large messages before writing them to disk
“conntrol – Fine-Grained Connection Control” 4.0 Control how inbound connections are established
“csapi – Symantec CSAPI Antivirus Support” 4.0 Integration for Symantec content scanners
“custom_bounce_logger – Custom Bounce Logging” 4.2 Append a "User_String" to the end of each bounce record “bounce_logger – Momentum-Style Bounce Logging”
“custom_logger – User-defined Logging” 4.0 Create custom logs
“delay_dsn – Delay DSN Generation” 4.0 Configure and send delay DSNs
dk_sign 4.0 Attach domain keys signatures to outbound mail
dk_validate 4.0 Validate inbound mail checking domain keys signatures
dkim_sign 4.0 Attach DKIM signatures to outbound mail
dkim_validate 4.0 Validate inbound mail checking DKIM signatures
“dnsbuf – Dynamically Set the DNS UDP Buffer Size” 4.2 Manipulate DNS buffer sizes on demand
“ds_core – Datasource Query Core” (singleton) 4.0 Provide modular data access and caching for use by other modules
“EC_logger – Momentum-Style Logging” 4.0 Log the status of messages
“eleven – Eleven eXpurgate Content Scanning” (singleton) 4.0 This module implements the eleven spam filter and categorization service
“exim_logger – Exim Logging” 4.0 Support for Exim style logs
“fbl – Feedback Loop” (singleton) 4.0 Manage feedback loop services
“fingerprint – Host Fingerprinting” 4.0 Perform passive OS fingerprinting
gcm (singleton) 4.0 Use this module to configure Google Cloud messaging
gcm_logger 4.0 Use this module to log Google Cloud messages
gzipio (singleton) 4.0 gzip compression algorithm “compress_spool – Dynamic Spool Compression”
httpsrv (singleton) 4.0 The HTTP server required for using the REST injection API
“icu – ICU” (singleton) 4.0 Unicode support
“ilf_logger – Incremental License Fee Logging” (singleton) 4.0 Use this module if you have usage-based licenses
“inbound_audit – Inbound traffic analytics” (singleton) 4.0 Provide analytics on sending IPs “outbound_audit – Outbound traffic analytics”
“ipv6_lookup – Multi-address-family MX Records” 4.2 This module supports multi-address-family MX records, enabling A record lookups for IPv6 addresses
“jlog – jlog-Formatted Logging” (singleton) 4.0 Create jlog formatted logs
“Live Bounce Updates – Live Bounce Updates Service” 4.0 Canonicalizes bounce messages into a number of categories
“mail_loop – Mail Loop Detection” 4.0 Automatic suppression of potential mail loops
“maildir – Maildir Delivery Support” 4.0 Store messages in maildir format as specified by qmail
mm7 (singleton) 4.0 Enable MM7
mm7_serv (singleton) 4.0 Enable the MM7 Value Added Service Provider
mms_bounce_logger 4.0 Enable MMS bounce logging
mms_logger 4.0 Enable MMS logging
msgc_client (singleton) 4.0 The client component of MSGC
msgc_server (singleton) 4.0 The server component of MSGC
“mxip – IP Addresses In MX Records” 4.2 Enable Momentum to deliver to domains with a textual IP address
“opendkim – Open Source DKIM” 4.0 Validate/sign mail using DKIM signatures
“outbound_audit – Outbound traffic analytics” 4.0 Provides time-series analytics on the behavior of receiving domains
“outbound_smtp_auth” 4.2 Enables users to specify authentication parameters for a given set of messages
“persist_io – Persistent IO Wrapper” (singleton) 4.0 Provides a non-volatile cache wrapper for any other IO wrapper
“pipe_io – Pipe IO Wrapper” (singleton) 4.0 Provides ability to writing content via an arbitrary program
“pipe_transport – Module” 4.0 Pipe messages to a local program
“postfix_logger – Postfix Logging” 4.0 Log in Postfix format
“reception_timing – Reception Timing Modules” 4.2 Track how long it takes to receive or reject messages over SMTP “chunk_logger Module”
“response_transcode – Module” (singleton) 4.0 Work around broken remote servers
restinjector (singleton) 4.0 Activate the REST injection API
“sched – The Schedule Module” (singleton) 4.0 Schedule tasks to be run from the console “ds_core – Datasource Query Core”
“scriptlet – Lua Policy Scripts” 4.0 Enable scriptlets for enforcing policy “alerting – Send Alerting Emails”
“securecreds – Password Encryption/Credential Retrieval” (singleton) 4.0 Use encrypted credentials throughout Momentum credmgr
“seedlist – Seedlist Integration” 4.0 Deliverability monitoring service
senderid 4.0 Use Sender Policy Framework (spf_v2) “scriptlet – Lua Policy Scripts”
“sendmail_logger – Sendmail Logging” 4.0 Create Sendmail formatted logs
smpp (singleton) 4.0 Enable SMPP
smpp_bounce_logger 4.0 Enable SMPP bounce logging
smpp_logger 4.0 Log SMPP events
“smtp_auth_proxy – SMTP Authentication Proxy” 4.2 Allow edge SMTP servers to forward SMTP AUTH requests to SMTP servers
“smtp_cbv – SMTP Callback Verification” 4.0 Perform SMTP Callback Verification
“smtp_rcptto_proxy – SMTP Recipient-To Proxy” 4.2 Validate a Lua recipient by doing an SMTP call-forward
spf_macros (singleton) 4.0 Generic macro service for SPF
spf_v1 4.0 Use Sender Policy Framework “scriptlet – Lua Policy Scripts”
“static-routes – Static Routes” 4.2 Route traffic to a given server by IP address and port
“suppress_spool – Deferred Message Spooling” 4.0 Defer spool attempts
“syslog_io – The syslog_io Module” (singleton) 4.0 Use the syslog wrapper to write entries to the log
“tls_macros – TLS-related Logging” 4.0 Provide several macros supporting custom logging of TLS-related data
“url_ripper – URL Extraction” 4.0 A toolkit for DNS-based content correlation