Executable Command Summary

March 26, 2020 Contributors

This table lists all executable commands alphabetically giving a brief description. Click the command name to see detailed information.

Command/Description Class
ad_summary – Summarize the adaptive module actions adaptive
create_ssl_cert – Create a self-signed SSL certificate security
credmgr – Manipulate credentials used with the securecreds module security
ec_adtool – Adjust adaptive parameters in a cluster configuration adaptive
ec_console – Connect to Momentum to perform introspection and administration console
ec_ctl – Start, stop, or restart the Momentum Application Server service
ec_dkim_ctl – Manipulate the DK/DKIM database module
ec_dump_config – Output the ecelerity.conf file as XML config
ec_lic – Fetch a new license file from Message Systems misc
ec_log_trace – Parse Momentum log files logs
ec_md5passwd – Change the password for a system user’s password security
ec_rotate – Rotate Momentum logfiles logs
ec_sendmail – A sendmail compatibility interface misc
ec_show – Show spool or message information messages
eccfg – Subversion repository management config
eccmgr – Momentum Cluster Manager service
eccmgr_ctl – Start, stop, or restart the Momentum Cluster Manager service
ecconfigd – Momentum Configuration Server service
ecconfigd_ctl – Start, stop or restart the Momentum Configuration Server service
ecelerity – Momentum Application Server service
jlog_change_endian – Change the endianness of a jlog logs
jlog_sanity_check – Validate that a jlog is free of errors logs
jlogctl – Analyze and maintain jlogs logs
lu_pull – Update the Live Updates database adaptive
validate_config – Check the validity of the configuration files config