Momentum 4.2.38 Changelog

April 14, 2020 Contributors

Momentum 4.2.38 was released on 2018-01-05. This section will list all of the major changes that happened with the release of Momentum 4.2.38. Depending on installation type, all changes may not be applicable.

Type Ticket Description
Feature Epic PGM-797 Allow Event Webhooks to be sent with custom headers
Feature MO-6342 Log transmission generated events (internally only, no webhooks) for asynchronous transmissions
Feature MO-6679 Include recipient list ID in transmission events in a rcpt_list_id field
Feature MO-6864 Momentum RPMs are now signed. Available key allows confirmation
Feature MO-6324 Log stack backtrace for Lua errors in REST APIs
Feature MO-7050 Support DKIM signature expiration in Lua (DKIM module)
Feature MO-6107 Provide legacy APN event logger to produce same logs when using APNs HTTP/2 module
Feature MO-7277/7349 Include the latest published Adaptive Delivery and Bounce rules
Feature MO-5874 Ooptional msys-role-mta-versioned RPM has exact versions of all dependent RPMs
Enhancement MO-7161 Include number of rejected and successful recipients in transmission generation event (internally only, no webhooks)
Enhancement REI-324 Vertica version is updated from 7.1 to 7.2 (full-feature only)
Enhancement MO-6636 Reduce grace period on deleted/expired transmissions by campaign from 10d to 2d
Enhancement MO-6645 Clarify the temp fail log message when domain’s mail servers cannot be reached
Before 4.4.0 [internal] no MXs for this domain could be reached at this time

After | 4.4.0 [internal] no mail servers for this domain could be reached at this time

| Enhancement | MO-6712 | Improve paniclog messages for cluster peer node communication problems (msgc_server) |
| Enhancement | MO-6788 | Improve SMPP paniclog messages |
| Fix | MO-6192 | Fixed most cases of holding onto the old MX when ‘mx rollup’ used to change a domain’s MX (some edge cases remain) |
| Fix | MO-7057 | Fix a potential crash scenario (OOB bounce message with empty MIME part) |
| Fix | MO-7086 | Fix a potential crash scenario (writing past allocation in HTML/XML save code) |
| Fix | MO-6879 | Add config option to abort ecelerity startup if listeners fail to initialize, which would result in nodes taking traffic without clustering on |
| Fix | MO-6938 | Reduce delay time between scheduled message expiration and actual permfail action to seconds |
| Fix | MO-6237 | Consider combined length of header name and header value before folding |
| Fix | MO-6740 | Fix support for RFC 7505 (Null MX) |
| Fix | MO-6744 | Fix false throttle was exceeded when outbound_throttle_connections is in both binding and domain scopes |
| Fix | MO-6791/6944 | Don’t change SMTP body content only for non-ASCII characters present | change only as needed for tracking/unsub links |
| Fix | MO-6863 | Replace the SMTP username in Authentication-Results with xxxx to hide sensitive info |
| Fix | MO-6926 | Close vulnerability hole where ecelerity could be forced to crash via a crafted template |
| Fix | MO-7096 | Fix a potential crash scenario (endless retries of odbc_error function returning no info) |
| Fix | MO-7154 | Ensure stale/expired AD rules get cleared from the database so can’t cause incorrect suspensions |
| Fix | MO-7162 | Fix a potential crash scenario when Idle_Timeout = 0 in Supercharger mode |
| Fix | MO-7274 | Fix a potential crash scenario in the http2clnt module during heavy load |
| Fix | MO-7316 | Fix segment assembly of long SMS messages with 16bit data coding (e.g. UCS2) |
| Fix | MO-5800 | REST JSON validation optimization to improve performance and avoid watchdog traces |
| Fix | MO-6121 | Prevent possibility of orphaned templates that can’t be used or deleted |
| Fix | MO-6241 | Lua’s AD msg:binding_group supports no args to return binding group for the message’s binding |
| Fix | MO-6706 | Enable Connection ID to appear in custom rejection logs, same as in the Momentum rejectlog |
| Fix | MO-6737 | Fix potential for race condition in SMPP and SMTP module loading |
| Fix | MO-6823 | Prevent messages retrying even when a domain has no mx and no a records |
| Fix | MO-7243 | Fix a potential crash scenario when reusing an unassigned connection |
| Fix | MO-4594 | Ensure unique message IDs are assigned for each of multiple recipients of an email |
| Fix | MO-5372 | Optimize the Transmissions List All query method |
| Fix | MO-6647 | Fix a potential race condition in Lua scriptlet message.lua |
| Fix | MO-6716 | Improve error messages when rejecting substitution key names with unsupported characters |
| Fix | MO-6783 | Fix ec_logger leaking importlog files and file descriptors during log rotation |
| Fix | MO-7192 | The run.ecelerity script (foreground) will load any node-specific config, i.e. cluster.boot and environment files |
| Fix | MO-7263 | Fix crash scenario during DKIM validation on a signature with an empty algorithm field, a=; |
| Fix | MO-5288 | Correct the BEIK reload_pool stack size at creation |
| Fix | MO-5401 | Fix crash behavior of Lua vctx:get on an object with a nil key |
| Fix | MO-6953 | Fix support for RFC 6376:3.4.3 (relaxed canonicalization) in DKIM module |
| Fix | MO-7055 | Fix a potential crash scenario (null pointer not checked before dereferencing) |
| Fix | MO-7171 | Provide performance-enhancing config option to disable Lua usage stats collection by default.