engagement_tracker – HTTP Engagement Tracking

March 26, 2020

**Configuration Change. ** For version 4.1 and earlier, metadata is included in open tracking only. As of version 4.1-HF4, metadata can also be included in click tracking based on the click_tracking_include_metadata option.

The engagement_tracker module handles the creation of open-tracked and click-tracked links and the corresponding parsing of the links when an open or click event occurs. When open tracking is enabled, the engagement_tracker module constructs an open-tracked link from the transmission-level and recipient-level data. Likewise, when click tracking is enabled, it constructs a click-tracked link from the target link, link name, transmission-level data, and recipient-level data. When a recipient opens an email or clicks a link within the email, this module parses the tracked URLs for this data to be used by the various reporting options.


The msg_gen module requires the engagement_tracker module and will autoload it in the msg_gen.conf file that is created during installation. The following is the default configuration:

engagement_tracker {
  click_tracking_include_metadata = "true"
  max_metadata_len = 1000

The following are the configuration options defined by this module:


Determines if metadata is included in the click-tracked links for engagement tracking. By default, metadata is included, i.e.: "true". To disable