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ec_bounce_classify — perform bounce classification on the message


($code, $classification, $orig_rcpt) = ec_bounce_classify


ec_bounce_classify allows you to perform bounce classification on a message from within Sieve++. It returns a string list which contains three members:

  • $code – The numeric bounce classification code. See “Bounce Classification Codes” for information about the built-in classification codes. To create your own classification codes see “bounce_classifier – Bounce Classifier”.

  • $classification – The text description for the bounce classification.

  • $orig_rcpt – The original recipient of the e-mail message which generated the bounce. If this value is not able to be determined, it will be a blank string.

if envelope :all :regex "to" "^$") {
  ($code, $classification, $orig_rcpt) = ec_bounce_classify;
  ec_log "Bounce ${classification} code ${code} for address ${orig_rcpt}";

See Also

Table 9.7, “logging options”