Ports Used by Momentum

March 26, 2020 Contributors

Depending upon the options you choose during installation and how you configure the application, various ports are used by Momentum. Find below a listing of the services along with the typical or default port setting.

Service Port Description Required Link
Adaptive Delivery Rules Update 443 The port used for adaptive rule updates See “adaptive – Adaptive Delivery”
Antivirus engines various Antivirus engines connect to external daemons on specific ports See “antivirus – Antivirus Modules”
Apache 80 Used by the web UI See Using the Web Console
cidr_server 9000 Used by the cidr_server See “The cidr_server
cluster_listener 4802 Used in a cluster installation. Replaced by the ECCluster_Listener stanza as of version 3.0.15. See Clustering
control_listener 2025 Used to connect to the Momentum console See “The Momentum System Console”
Databases various Optional databases use their default ports See “ds_core – Datasource Query Core”
ec_cmd 2028 The process that allows the web UI to manage cluster nodes See ec_cmd
ECCluster_Listener 4802 Replaces cluster_listener as of version 3.0.15. See the section called “ECCluster_Listener”
ECStream 1825 Incoming ECStream connections See the section called “ECStream_Listener”
Erlang (Riak) 4369 Riak port mapper See “Riak Ports”
HTTP_Listener 8081 The listener used by the REST injector See "The Momentum REST Injector"
Live Bounce Updates 443 The port used to submit unclassified bounces See “Live Bounce Updates – Module”
LMTP 2003 The port for Local Mail Transport Protocol See lmtp_port
MSGC 4809 Used for cluster communication as of version 3.4 See “msgc – Modules”
PostgreSQL 5432 Used to authenticate users and for web UI data storage See “PostgreSQL”
Riak 8098, 8099 Used by the Riak data store (as of version 3.3) See “Riak Ports”
SMTP 25 Incoming SMTP connections See the section called “Listeners”
SNMP 8162 Port used by Simple Network Management Protocol See SNMP
Spread (mbus_daemon) 4803, 4804 Used for cluster communication prior to version 3.4 See mbus.conf
Subversion 2027 Used for version control of configuration files See “The Momentum Configuration Server: ecconfigd”