Modules Reference

March 26, 2020 Contributors
Name Description
ac_auth Authentication Handler
adaptive Adaptive Delivery
alerting alerting
alias Alias Expansion Module
antivirus Antivirus Modules
as_logger Audit series logger
auth_ds Datasource based SMTP Authentication
auth_radius RADIUS based SMTP Authentication
bind_address_secondary Dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 Support
beik BEIK Module
bounce_classifier Bounce Classifier
bounce_classifier_override The Bounce Classifier Override Module
bounce_logger Momentum-Style Bounce Logging
brightmail Brightmail Module
chunk_logger Asynchronous Logging
cidrdb CIDRDB
clamav ClamAV
cloudmark Cloudmark Authority Module
commtouch_ctasd Commtouch_ctasd Module
compress_spool Dynamic Spool Compression
conntrol Fine-Grained Connection Control
csapi The Content Scanning API Module
custom_bounce_logger Custom Bounce Logging
custom_logger Customizable Logging
delay_dsn Delay DSN Generation
disclaimer Module
dkim DomainKeys Identified Mail Signatures
dnsbuf Dynamically Set the DNS UDP Buffer Size
domainkeys Yahoo! DomainKeys
ds_core Datasource Query Core
ec_logger Momentum-Style Logging
eleven Module
exim_logger Exim-Compatible Logging
fbl Feedback Loop Module
fsecure F-Secure
fingerprint Host Fingerprinting
http_io HTTP I/O Provider
icu ICU
ilf_logger dule
imageanalyzer Module
inbound_audit Inbound traffic analytics
ipv6_lookup Multi-address-family MX Records
jlog The jlog Module
Live unce Updates – Module
mail_loop Mail Loop Detection
maildir Maildir Delivery Support
msgc Modules
mxip IP Addresses In MX Records
opendkim OpenDKIM module
outbound_audit Outbound traffic analytics
outbound_smtp_auth Module
pe2_logger Module
persist_io Persistent IO Wrapper
pipe_io Pipe IO Wrapper
pipe_transport Module
postfix_logger Postfix-Compatible Logging
reception_timing Reception Timing Modules
response_transcode Module
sched The Schedule Module
scriptlet Module
securecreds Module
seedlist Seedlist Integration
sendmail_logger Sendmail-Compatible Logging
sieve The Sieve Module
sievelib The sievelib Module
smtp_auth_proxy SMTP Authentication Proxy
smtp_cbv SMTP Callback Verification
smtp_rcptto_proxy SMTP Recipient-To Proxy
spf dules – spf_macros, spf_v1 and senderid (SPF v2)
[14.70. static]( outes – Static Routes
statp Stats Producer Module
suppress_spool Deferred Message Spooling
syslog_io The syslog_io Module
tls_macros dule
url_ripper URL Extraction