Apple Status Codes

March 26, 2020 Contributors

Apple Status Codes

The DLV_Response_Status context variable returns codes specific to the protocol used (except when no errors are encountered). When a message is successful, DLV_Response_Status does not exist. Use msys.apn.apn_status_classifier to determine the error type.

The APNs codes are as follows:

APNs Code Description Type
0 No Errors Encountered
1 Processing Error Temporary Failure
2 Missing Device Token Permanent Failure
3 Missing Topic Permanent Failure
4 Missing Payload Permanent Failure
5 Invalid Token Size Permanent Failure
6 Invalid Topic Size Permanent Failure
7 Invalid Payload Size Permanent Failure
8 Invalid Token Permanent Failure
10 Shutdown Temporary Failure
255 None (unknown) Temporary Failure

The previous table shows Apple status codes at the time of writing. See Provider Communication with Apple Push Notification Service to confirm these values.