March 26, 2020 Contributors

This struct is defined as follows:

struct _logging_infrastructure_1
  shared_module_infrastructure_8 shared;
  LogFormatFunc_1 log_error;
  LogRcvEmailFunc_1 log_reception;
  LogEmailFunc_1 log_attempt;
  LogEmailFunc_1 log_transient_failure;
  LogEmailFunc_1 log_permanent_failure;
  LogEmailFunc_1 log_delivery;
  LogHookFunc_1 log_close;
  LogHookFunc_1 log_reopen;
  LogRejectFunc_1 log_rejection;

The following type definitions also apply:

typedef int  (*LogHookFunc_1) (logging_infrastructure_1 *);
typedef void (*LogFormatFunc_1) (logging_infrastructure_1 *,
                               struct timeval *, const char *format,
                               va_list arg);
typedef void (*LogEmailFunc_1) (logging_infrastructure_1 *,
                              ec_message *message, domain_record *,
                              struct timeval *, const char *note,
                              int note_len);
typedef void (*LogRcvEmailFunc_1) (logging_infrastructure_1 *, accept_construct * ac,
                                 ec_message * message, struct timeval *,
                                 const char *note, int note_len);
typedef void (*LogRejectFunc_1) (logging_infrastructure_1 *, struct timeval *,
                               accept_construct * ac, validate_context *ctx,
                               int phase, const char *format, va_list arg);

To use this struct, include the file log_module.h.

See Also

“shared_module_infrastructure_8”, log_attempt_v1, log_delivery_v1, log_permanent_failure_v1, log_rejection, and log_transient_failure_v1.