String Functions

March 26, 2020 Contributors
Name Description
ec_asprintf Momentum asprintf function
ec_snprintf Momentum snprintf function
ec_vasprintf Momentum vasprintf function
ec_vprintf vprintf-like function that takes an output parameter and a write function
ec_vsnprintf Momentum vsnprintf function
string_destroy Destroy a string
string_init_type Initialize a string and pre-allocate its storage, specifying its backing type
stringprint_domainname Renders a domain name, respecting the raw-domain rendering mode
stringprintf Print a formatted string
stringwrite2 Convert a character array to an ec_string
stringwrite_canonical_crlf Write a string terminated by a carriage return and line feed
stringwrite_config_bool Output a boolean to the system console
stringwrite_config_int Output an integer to the system console
stringwrite_config_list Output a list to the system console
stringwrite_config_string Output a string to the system console
stringwrite_strings write 1 or more NUL-terminated C-strings to the provided string
strlcat Size-bounded C string concatenation function
strlcpy Size-bounded C string copying function
strncasestrn Find a binary substring within a binary string, case insensitive
strnchrn Searches a string for the first occurence of any of a set of characters
strnstrn Find a binary substring within a binary string
suffix_tree_stringprint_next print suffixes in the tree to a string, one at a time