Spool-related Functions

March 26, 2020 Contributors
Name Description
ec_spool_ctx_construct_filename Create a file name for the specified message
ec_spool_ctx_create Create a spool context for a location on disk
ec_spool_ctx_enum_messages Enumerate messages in a spool
ec_spool_ctx_filter_open Access the spool in the specified way
ec_spool_ctx_get_spool_base Returns the spool base for a given spool context
ec_spool_ctx_import_message import a message from a spool context into the system spool
ec_spool_ctx_lock Lock a spool context
ec_spool_ctx_remove_mid Remove the specified message part
ec_spool_ctx_set_always_regenerate_message_ids Determine whether a spool context regenerates message ids on import
ec_spool_ctx_set_max_retention set the maximum retention time for a spool context
ec_spool_ctx_set_suppress_trace_headers Sets a spool context to disable the addition of trace headers
ec_spool_ctx_spool_in spool in a message with a given id, from a spool context
ec_spool_ctx_swap_out_met Swap out everything about the message except for the body
ec_spool_ctx_unlock Unlock a spool context. Note that it is not safe to unlock the global spool context
ec_spool_in Spool in message meta data from disk (deprecated)
ec_spool_in2 spool in message meta data from disk
ec_spool_in_depfd Spool in message meta data from disk (deprecated)
ec_swap_remove removes the message from the spool
ec_swap_remove_meta removes meta data for the message from the IO layer
get_disk_queue_size Gets the number of messages on the disk queue
get_spool_name Get the spool name from the message ID
mid_to_spool_name Get the spool name from the message ID
spool_disk_queue_state Show the state of the queue on disk
spool_in Spool in message meta data from disk (deprecated)
spool_in_depfd Spool in message meta data from disk (deprecated)
spool_name_to_mid Create a message ID
swap_out_multi Swap out multiple messages