Mail Queue Functions

March 26, 2020 Contributors
Name Description
__mail_queue_maintain __mail_queue_maintain is the default implementation if the __mail_queue_maintain hook
__mailq_get_next_active __mailq_get_next_active is an internal function called by the default implementation if the mailq_get_next_active hook
_mail_queue_maintain_domain _mail_queue_maintain_domain is an internal function that is called if no mail_queue_maintain_domain hook is registered
ec_mailq_dequeue_live_message Removes a message from the mail queues and returns it if found
ec_mailq_enqueue_sam Enqueue multiple messages in a batch "atomically", prior to running mail queue maintainers
ec_mailq_find_live_message Finds a message in the message queues and returns it
ec_mailq_first_delayed returns the first delayed message in the supplied mail queue
ec_mailq_get_mid Returns a message by message_id
ec_mailq_get_pending_enqueues Fetch the number of pending enqueue requests
ec_mailq_insert_active Insert a message into the active queue
ec_mailq_message_requeue Re-enqueues a message after a delivery attempt
ec_mailq_set_next_attempt_prep_quick pre-calculates next attempt times
__get_global_mail_queue Allocates memory and initializes the global mail queue
mail_queue_active_queue_for_binding Returns the active queue for a binding
mail_queue_delay_domain Add the specified domain record to the delayed queue
mail_queue_delayed_size Get the size of a delayed queue
mail_queue_purge_domain_binding Fail all messages for a binding/domain with a given status code
mail_queue_size Get the size of a mail queue