Mandrill recently announced that they were eliminating their stand-alone offering and will be incorporating transactional email features into MailChimp’s flagship email marketing service. Understanding that not all of Mandrill’s transactional customers have a need for the full-service offering, MailChimp recommends SparkPost as a Mandrill alternative for developers looking for a transactional email provider. To support these developers we have created this Mandrill Migration Guide to streamline the process.

Transactional email is the fundamental core of our business, and our love for developers runs deep. And SparkPost is making it easy to reduce the impact of this change on Mandrill’s developer community. We know you have a lot of questions about what this means for you, this Mandrill Migration Guide to help explain how quick and painless migrating to SparkPost can be:

At SparkPost, #WeLoveDevelopers and we’re here to help you meet your transactional email needs — now, and in the future. Now that you’ve read our Mandrill Migration Guide, ready to get started? Click the TRY FOR FREE button below to sign up and lets build something awesome!