Migration Guides

Mailjet Migration Guide

This guide is here to help make your move from Mailjet to SparkPost as straightforward as possible. We’ll cover the setup process, explain the equivalent terminology, and call out any differences.

Mailgun Migration Guide

Guide is for those considering a move from Mailgun (now part of PathWire) to SparkPost. As with our other migration guides, we’ll walk through the account setup process and call out any differences along the way, with the goal of reducing the friction on your decision making and migration planning processes.

Mandrill Migration Guide

Mailchimp recommends SparkPost as a Mandrill alternative for developers looking for a transactional email provider. To support your move, we’ve created this Mandrill migration guide to streamline the process.

SendGrid Migration Guide

This SendGrid Migration Guide is here to help make your move from SendGrid to SparkPost as smooth as possible. We’ll walk through the key setup steps and highlight the differences in technology and terminology along the way.